We love music

We love that live music creates a momentary connection between the artist and the fan.

We believe that connection should go beyond the lucky few and instead go beyond the venue to reach a diverse community of music fans so that they too can share that moment.


1. Broadcast

Our team work directly with the artist to produce and broadcast a cinematic concert production.

2. Platform

Our platform seamlessly manages all of the payments and delivers the broadcast in stunning HD.

3. Engage

Our diverse community of music fans makes it easier for you to engage with your fans.

4. Unique Insights

Learn about your fans and understand what they love from our user insights and data analysis.

Discover new audiences

There are over 3 billion people online worldwide and there is no doubt that they all love music.

Leverage our technology to go beyond the existing fan base and build meaningful relationships with new audiences.


Artist Profile
This is your personal space where your fans can follow you to get updates on new videos and find out about your next performances.

Better Discovery
Our recommendation engine encourages better discovery extending your fan base wider than before.

Spotify & Apple Music
We link your profile to your Spotify and Apple Music account to enhance the music experience for the fans.

Get in touch

We'd love to hear from you and share some ideas on how we can help your fanbase grow.


Camden Town, London, United Kingdom